Walter Stokely
I love ToastFace Love it
Deanna Ashton
Highly recommend! My husband and I got the turkey club today. The sandwich is huge! The ingredients are so fresh. Great sandwich.
Jo Trucks
Amazing sandwiches! Staff was friendly and efficient!
amanda greco-ford
Stopped in at the Sandwich pop up today at their new location AND let me tell you.... AMAZING!!!! You have got to try them out. Sandwiches all hand crafted by one MAN!! Hes got talent. We got the Turkey club, Muffulino and the Oatmeal Dream Pie!!! Takes a little bit of time since he's a one man band but SOOOO worth the wait.
Green Light Drive Thru
AMAZING QUALITY BREAD. The sandwiches are wonderful and fresh! Definitely a NEED to try if you haven't already!
Jennifer R.
You know that soft, pillowy bread that just cuddles your sandwich meat and elevates the sandwich to next level? Yeah....that's what Bricklayer Bakery serves. You may remember ToastFace from the Lake St. Louis Farmer's Market. This is his storefront/sandwich counter and it's worth the drive to Troy, MO. The thing about Matt: he is very intentional about where he sources his ingredients. He compliments his bread with local, fresh meats, cheeses and condiments. Even his pickle spear is something I'm sure he canned last year. So even as you're enjoying a really well made product, you're supporting local farmers. So on to the sammie: I got a turkey club, crusty sourdough (not toasted - I don't know why toasted bread on a sandwich annoys me so much - is it a texture thing?) with sweet, tangy onion jam and crisp thick sliced bacon. The flavor and texture contrasts made for a really interesting bite. It was a great sandwich! I complimented it with a side of potato salad and a malted chocolate chip cookie. The potato salad fascinated me. It was heavy on celery and more of those pickles which contrasted the perfectly cooked potatoes. This wasn't a potato salad that was heavy on any one flavor, including dill, it just blended perfectly and was a really good potato salad. And I mean, can you go wrong with a large, soft chocolate chip cookie? No....not when you get it from Bricklayer Bakery! A word about ordering: take advantage of the Square Site preorder option. Your food will be ready when you get there and you won't have to wait in their very tiny parking lot. My overall rating is: worth the drive! Delicious food and excellent service.